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 based on your body, your goals, your food
     preferences & your level of physical activity


Our Weight-loss program is designed to fit our clients’  lifestyle and weight-loss goals. By starting with a realistic goal we will guide you to choose a program simple to follow and easy to stick to. Once you’ve set your goals, Meditech Weight Loss Program support starts by helping you learn how to maintain your new, healthier lifestyle for the long term. Our program is designed around the most convenient ways to help you lost weight, all while enjoying what you like to eat.



The Meditech Weight Loss Program provides a service designed to educate, motivate and inspire to control your weight for life. We believe that in order to achieve this, the
process must be individual, there must be a method, but above all, it must be based on science. The primary objective is to stimulate small but positive changes in your lifestyle, which would have a permanent positive results on weight control and overall health. We will guide you so you can reduce your daily calorie intake and increase physical activity. With this regard, the Meditech Weight Loss Program helps you change your unhealthy habits and to make positive changes in your lifestyle so you can take control of your weight in a sustainable manner.

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Your doctor and monthly visits include: B12 shots, BMI analysis and a comprehensive evaluation and recommendations according to your needs and results. Weekly visits included in the program (to measure and weigh your progress) can be done at your convenience without a scheduled appointment. At this quick visit you will also receive your weekly B12 shot. Achieving a healthy weight can help control cholesterol, blood pressure and blood

sugar. Our weight loss management expert seeks to help people lose, maintain and control

a weight. In addition to training, our program is simple and easy to follow and implement.

We can help you lose weight, tone, look and most importantly feel better.